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About Katrina

I have extensive experience instructing children, adolescents, and adults in mindfulness and meditation practices. Meditation has brought me a greater sense of self-understanding, emotion regulation, self-compassion, and a rich community of other meditators around the world. I like helping skeptics find practices that work for them as much as I enjoy working with individuals who already have a meditation practice and seek extra support. 

A sampling of mindfulness work:

Though I am familiar with many  traditions including Shambhala, Zen, and yoga, I mostly practice within the Insight Meditation tradition. I am especially invested in Insight Dialogue, an interpersonal meditation practice. 

I offer instruction tailored to an individual or group's needs and interests. I am committed to social justice and dismantling obstacles to health and wellbeing for all. I  honor and respect all beings and want to support the needs of individuals marginalized by our society. If cost is a barrier, I offer sliding scale pricing options. 

Off the cushion, I am pursuing a Masters in Social Work at UNC-Chapel Hill and spend time with my partner and our cat Archie. I like half-following recipes, urban walks and sylvan hikes, yoga, and writing. My writing can be found at Indy Week and Localeur, among other outlets. 

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Curious about my next meditation class? Want to schedule a private session or small group instruction? I'd love to work together.

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You can also find me directly at katrinapaigemartin@gmail.com 


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