Befriending the Body - A Women's Retreat

September 22-23, 2018

How do you relate to your body? How do you nourish, listen to, and

understand your vessel? Leave your phones at home or in the car and

spend two days and one night in movement, connection, and silence

exploring these questions with retreat leaders Katrina, Kelsey Domann-Scholz, and Josephine McRobbie. Activities will include mindful movement and yoga, meditation and noble silence, journaling, guided discussion, and wandering/hiking.

Sliding scale, $50-80


Love Yourself - A Post-Valentine's Retreat

February 23, 2019

Join Kelsey Domann-Scholz, Katrina Martin, and Josephine McRobbie for an afternoon of explorations into self-love. Activities will include guided meditations, mindful eating, journaling, and breathwork meditation, all focused around the theme of connecting compassionately with our core self. We encourage you to bring a favorite snack or beverage, especially one you loved as a child!

Sliding scale, $40-80


Talks & Presentations

Secondary Traumatic Stress in the Workplace

February 27, 2019

Hour-long lunch-and-learn presentation on the common responses to secondary trauma exposure in the workplace and creation of self-care plans for workers. Included assessment of current professional quality of life (PROQoL). This talk was given to  staff including doctors, nurses, and social workers at UNC Cancer Hospital in Chapel Hill. If you are interested in this or a similar presentation for your organization, please contact me. 

Introduction to Mindfulness Practices

January 8, 2019

Hour-long lunch-and-learn presentation on the origins and practice of mindfulness in contemporary culture. Included both experiential and informational components. Presented to staff at Raleigh-based nonprofit organization.